Lauren has in a very short period of time become an invaluable part of my daughter's intellectual growth. She quickly identified strengths and weaknesses and approached them with grace, firmness and clarity, and with a smile on her face. She has helped grow my daughter's confidence by becoming a trusted mentor. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found Lauren.
- Sarah Litt Cole, mother of fourth-grade student

A few years ago, when we realized that our daughter needed help; we searched and searched for someone that could meet with our daughter and help to bring her up to speed in both reading and math in a comfortable, encouraging way. Lauren came into our home and gently but steadily worked with our daughter. She reinforced and cemented the basics, and then brought her forward, all the while building her confidence and strengthening her resolve.  Today she is enrolled at one of the top academic private schools in the city and is at the head of her fifth-grade class. She loves her school and is excelling academically, socially, and emotionally. This year, Lauren has started working with our first-grade son. His needs are primarily in reading. Lauren has started the Wilson Reading Program with him, and he is progressing very nicely.  We plan to keep working together until our son is at his potential. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone with child tutoring needs.
- Leslie Byron, mother of second and sixth-grade students

The Challenge:  take my (bright but stubborn) third-grade son's writing and math skills to their full potential while keeping him engaged and motivated. Jacob was not underperforming. In fact, quite the opposite.  But nor was he reaching his full-potential. School was easy and he was skating by. For anyone with a distracted eight-year-old boy, you can relate to my frustration.  Jacob applies himself relentlessly to the task of derailing any prospective tutor by begging for breaks, snacks, and rounds of Clue. Not Lauren.  Not only did her lesson plans and exercises motivate and engage him, the fruits of her labor were evident immediately. Lauren really listened to me, absorbed my goals and designed a lesson plan that hit the nail on the head from day 1. I almost cried tears of joy after seeing the writing samples they worked on together.  We are also able to work together to evolve the plan as Jacob's needs or the curriculum shifts accordingly. Lauren has given Jacob a real gift - a sense of motivation and pride associated with stretching to achieve his full potential.  
 - Alison Monk, mother of fourth-grade student    

My daughter attends a wonderful public school and is a terrific student;  however, in third grade the class size became quite large. We all know that in a large classroom environment, kids who do well do not get "special or extra" attention from their teacher. I wanted my daughter to have someone to herself, someone she could go to with any question. My daughter feels extremely comfortable with Lauren and does exactly that.  They review homework, go over writing strategies, and practice math skills together. Lauren is warm, encouraging, focused, and more importantly Lauren makes my daughter feel confident in her thinking. I am so happy we are utilizing her services!
 - Parent of a third grader in public school  

Lauren connected immediately with my fourth-grade daughter and immediately began to tap into her potential. An already bright and highly-performing student, my daughter just needed someone to take her to the next level. Lauren inspired her to move out of her comfort zone: to write in more detail, to explain her thought process in math, and all-in-all to approach her schoolwork with confidence and pride. I look forward to Lauren working with my younger daughter as well in the coming school year and I know that we can look forward to continued success of both of my girls. 
- Liz Parks, mother of third and fifth grade students