About Lauren

Lauren Farrell, MA
Private Tutor

I have been tutoring in Manhattan since 2008. I provide one-on-one, at-home, personalized attention to students in first through 11th grade in Manhattan. My students attend both public and private schools.

I use a holistic approach to teaching, focusing on the needs, goals, and unique learning style of the students in order to bring them to their full potential. I concentrate on the unique capabilities and talents of each of my students. An important outcome that all my students report is a boost in confidence and an increased sense of self, which is the necessary foundation upon which to build fundamental study and organizational skills and subject competencies.

I am not a cookie-cutter tutor and I do not think your child is a cookie-cutter student. Everyone has different needs and learns in a unique way, so all of my students receive a learning program tailored to their own special skills as well as needs. I communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress and our goals. Upon request, I also liaise with  teachers and learning specialists. This is especially important for students who are falling behind in classes and for high school students. In this way, students have a unified network of parents, teachers, and a tutor who is on their team.

Your child’s dreams can be achieved with the right blend of confidence, goal-setting, organization, and skill building.